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Year 6 - Blwyddyn 6

Summer Term 2024 | Tymor yr Haf 2024

During the Summer term Blwyddyn 6 will be studying the following topics:

A Child's War – Humanities (History)  

Learners will continue studying World War Two for the first few of weeks of the summer term.

They will empathise with evacuees through looking at firsthand accounts of evacuee experiences. They will write a diary entry of an evacuee. We will look at WWII recipes and hope to cook and taste a chosen recipe.

A Digital World – ICT - Science and Technology

There are so many ways to communicate - text messages, emails, websites, blogs and podcasts.

Learners will have opportunities to create their own podcast about balancing gametime, as well as build a homepage on a subject of their choice. They can offer suggestions on how to improve the school website.

Learners will discover the movers and shakers in the world of technology - the people who have shaped the modern world.

Blwyddyn 6 will programme algorithms and debug when necessary using Micro:bits. They will create a new game using Scratch.

Learners class novel is ‘Stormbreaker’.


Learners will develop their investigation skills through carrying out the following investigations:

-'What substances are soluble and insoluble?'

-‘How does temperature effect the rate of dissolving?’


Help your child prepare for their project:

If the world today relies so heavily on technology, what will it be like in tomorrow’s world?

-Why not go on a technology hunt to locate computerised and robotic devices in your home?

-You could also create a survey to find out how much time your family and friends spend using technology each day. -Alternatively, go online to research a significant figure in the computing world. What did they discover and how did this influence our daily lives?


Further Information



Homework will most often be set in our Google Classroom - "Blwyddyn 6 2023-2024".

Reading should be carried out as often as possible e.g. every other night for 20 minutes. Please date and record the pages read.

Mental Math will be set once a week - on a Monday and to be returned by Friday.

EnglishMaths or Thematic homework will be set on a Monday to be returned the following Monday. If there are any problems with the homework then please see Miss Fallon before the due date.

Times tables should be revised on a regular basis.


Reading Books

Reading books and reading records are to bought to school daily.


PE will alternate every Monday. Learners are asked to arrive to school wearing their PE clothes. 

Thank you once again for all your continued support. 

Diolch yn fawr.

Miss Fallon and Miss Rees

Welcome to our class page!
Croeso i'n Tudalen Dosbarth!

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