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Eco-Council / Cyngor Eco

What is an Eco-Council?

Dafen School are now platinum flag holders, which is the highest award in the Eco Schools Programme.  Our councillors work hard to complete a yearly environmental review which investigates how we are implementing the nine Eco steps.  This then becomes the basis of our Action Plan.  We are very enthusiastic, passionate eco warriors and meet to discuss Eco friendly and environmental issues within school which prepares children to live their future lives with consideration for global issues.

Who are our Eco-Councillors?

Dosbarth Sylfaen 1

Amilee Reed​

Dosbarth Sylfaen 2

Emily Evans

Olivia-Mai Daniels

Blwyddyn 3

Lowri Jones

Amelia Phillips

Blwyddyn 4

Amelia Soldiew

Lil Stone

Blwyddyn 5

Cerys John

Olivia Reed

Blwyddyn 6

Jack Stone

Rhys Jacob

What do our Eco-Councillors do?

As Eco Councillors we carry out the following:


  • ​Keep classes informed of any new initiatives and projects we are working on.​

  • ​Monitor Litter and take part in litter picks around the school grounds and in our community.​ Spot checks on paper waste bins.

  • ​Take a big role in fundraising initiatives.​

  • ​Key members of Eco Club after school, (growing vegetables and flowers, tree planting and raising funds to improve the school grounds).​

  • ​Attend meetings and share thoughts and ideas on how to improve our school and how we can become more sustainable.

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