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Our School / Ein Ysgol

Dafen Primary School is located in the village of Dafen on the eastern outskirts of the town Llanelli. The school was built in 1938 to serve the Dafen Community. At present there are 100 pupils at school and are educated in seven classes.

The school is situated in Lon Yr Ysgol, a cul-de-sac away from the main road traffic. The building contains spacious rooms in which carefully structured learning is organised. The school’s location offers the children varied environmental experiences. Visits to different localities are regularly organised so that the children may appreciate their heritage, take pride in the environment and learn of the contributions of the contrasting areas to a rich and fulfilling way of growing up.




Dafen Primary School is the world's first Global EntreCompEdu Pioneer School.

We are the first school to have been awarded an EntreCompEdu School Pioneer Award in recognition of our passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurial learning.

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