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Foundation Class 2 - Dosbarth Sylfaen 2

Welcome to our class page!

Spring 2024


During the Spring term Dosbarth Sylfaen 2 will be studying the following topic:




We will be:

  • Holding a 'Messy Morning' where the children will feel different materials and textures

  • Learning new vocabulary to describe different mixtures and materials

  • Reading George's Marvellous Medicine

  • Making our own Marvellous Medicine

  • Writing a list of ingredients for a magical concoction

  • Investigating a range of materials and see how they change when mixed with water

  • Looking at a range of bottles /containers that contain dangerous liquids. Talk about the hazards of touching these materials. Make signs to warn other children about the dangers.

  • Tasting a range of food and drink from around the world and describe the flavours. Record key words to describe the food. Take  photos of the food and create a display with speech bubbles to show their thoughts and comments.

  • Look at a map and locate the countries where the food comes from

  • Looking at food landscapes created by the artist Carl Warner and descibe the ways that he uses different food types. Choose one image and write a list of ingredients. We will create our own food landscapes.

  • Writing an acrostic poem based upon a material or substance

  • Carrying out an investigation to observe the melting process by selecting a variety of foods

  • Exploring mixtures that do not mix

  • Exploring and discussing the properties of clay and making clay slip. Use the clay slip to create a picture

  • Creating leaflets to attract visitors to an art gallery

  • Following instructions to crate an enormous bowl of messy jelly

  • Completing orienteering activities

  • Completing activities in the outdoor environment   



​Help your child prepare for their project:

  • Cook something with a grown-up and create a picture record of what you have done

  • Try food that you have never eaten before

  • In the bath, use a measuring jug to measure different amounts of water

  • Set up a meting experiment. Take two or three glasses and fill them with the same number of ice cubes. Put them in different places and see which melts first.

  • Create an original piece of artwork inspired by and artist you admire and bring it to school to show the class. 


Pupils will develop their investigation skills through answering the question 'Which stuff is stickiest?'

  • The children will choose a variety of different materials and predict which one will stick to a piece of paper the best

  • They will record their results


Further Information



Spelling lists will be given on a Friday and are to be learnt for a spelling test the following week.

A home-school task will be given during the term.

Reading Books

Your child has been allocated a ‘Reading Day.’ Please ensure books are returned to school on a regular basis.

Library Books

The children will choose a book from the library every Friday. This should be returned to school the following Friday in order that the book can be changed.


PE will take place every Tuesday. Pupils are asked to arrive to school wearing their PE clothes. 

Thank you once again for all your continued support. 

Diolch yn fawr.

National Tests Support

Year 2




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