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Year 5 - Blwyddyn 5

Welcome to our Class Page!
Croeso i'n Tudalen Dosbarth!


Summer Term 2024 / Tymor Haf 2024

During the Summer term Blwyddyn 5 will be studying the following topic:

Medieval Life - History 

In this project the children will learn about:

  • Castles in Wales and around the world – where are they, what are the features, names, who lived there etc.

  • The history of castles – how have they changed over time?

  • Pembroke castle and Henry VIII (War of the Roses).

  • Minecraft – building a castle.

  • Structures of castles, materials used to build castles.

  • Design a medieval banquet. What did people eat in Medieval times.

  • Use the food grown on the allotment to make castle dishes fit for a king (vegetable soup or a herby salad).

  • Investigate whether dock leaves cure a sting

  • Life in the country and towns in Medieval times.

  • Daily life. Medicine and disease. Did children go to school. 

  • Major events – The black death, War of the Roses, The Battle of Hastings

  • Important people - Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror.

  • The Islamic faith - Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr


Help your child prepare for this topic:

  • Why not gather together a collection of information about castles and curl up somewhere comfy to read them

  • Dragons are roarsome! Why not gather together a collection of myths and curl up somewhere comfy to read them

  • Visit a library to research medieval life

  • Visit Local castles as a family

  • Visit a library search the internet to research castles

  • Make model castles out of recycled materials

  • Make a comparison between two castles. How are they similar? How are they different?

  • Make a castle glossary to explain all the specialist vocabulary associated with this topic.

  • Use poster paints to design a symmetrical design for a castle. Can you transfer your design to a computer?

 Further Information 


Homework Tasks will be set either on our Google Classroom (Google for Education “Blwyddyn 5 /Year 5 2023-2024”) or paper copies given, to be completed in homework books. Each homework task is explained to the learner and should be completed independently as it is reinforcement of the tasks completed in school during the week.


  • English, Maths or Thematic homework will be given on a Friday and should be returned by Monday.

  • Spelling or Multiplications Tables Tests - every week, given on a Monday (test on Friday)

  • Times tables need to be revised every night.

  • Poem of the Week, on google classroom to be read every week.

  • Reading should be carried out regularly at home


 Reading Books 

Reading books are to be returned daily. Please write in your child’s record book if they have read to you at home. The learners will also have the opportunity to borrow books from the library and these must be returned weekly. Our library day is a Monday where the learners will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of books.



PE will take place on Tuesday. Learners are asked to arrive to school wearing their PE clothes. 


Learners are encouraged to bring water bottles (containing only water) to drink throughout the day. 

 Thank you once again for all your continued support. Diolch yn fawr. 

Mrs S Phillips

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